2016 Tournament Results

Age Division: 40/50+

Bedford Auto Care d. Sidewinder Reels 77-69
Watterson Construction d. Roto-Rooter 128-72
Kings d. South Florida Elite 83-67
USA South d. Our Gang 123-66

Watterson Construction (2-0) d. Sidewinders Reels (0-2) 88-54
South Florida Eilite (1-1) d. Our Gang (0-2) 106-50
Kings (2-0) d. USA South (1-1) 101- 88
Bedford Auto Care (2-0) d .Roto-Rooter (0-2) 87-83

Kings (3-0) d. Our Gang (0-3) 104-70
Watterson Construction (3-0) d. Bedford Auto Care (2-1) 87-63
South Florida Elite (2-1) d. USA South (1-2) 90-81
Sidewinder Reels (1-2) d. Roto-Rooter (0-3) 84-64

Age Division: 40+
Championship Game
Watterson Construction d. USA South 125-88

Age Division: 50+
Kings (4-0) d. Sidewinder Reels (1-3) 85-72
Bedford Auto Care (3-1) d. South Florida Elite (2-2)
Roto-Rooter (1-3) d. Our Gang (0-4) 83-63

Age Division: 50+
Watterson Construction d. USA South 125-88
Championship Game played on Friday

Age Division: 50+
Bedford Auto Care d. Kings 87-76

40+ Division
MVP: Michael Stewartson, Watterson Construction

All Tournament Team
Maurice Brighthaupt, USA South
Damian Grant, Watterson Construction
David Jackson, USA South
Andy Robertson, Watterson Construction
Israel Smith, Watterson Construction
Michael Stewartson, Watterson Construction
Admore White, Watterson Construction
Andy Robertson, Watterson Construction

50+ Division
MVP: Greg May, Bedford Auto Care

All Tournament Team
Emery Atkinson, So. Fla. Elite
Cris Carter, Bedford Auto Care
Al Earl, Kings
Dexter Gardiner, Kings
David James, Sidewinder Reels
Greg May, Bedford Auto Care
Greg McFarland, Our Gang
Ron Praylon, Kings
Rob Samuels, Bedford Auto Care
Jerry Woodka, So. Fla. Elite

Age Division: 55+

Indy All-Stars d. Athletics 91-80
Tampa Stooges d. Dellagnease Construction 81-67
Indy All Stars d. Bedford Auto Care 88-54

Tampa Stooges (2-0) d. Athletics Unlimited (0-2) 93-75
Dellagnese Construction (1-1) d. Bedford Auto Care (0-2) 62-56

Indy All Stars (3-0) d. Tampa Stooges (2-1) 71-61
Athletics Unlimited (1-2) d. Bedford Auto Care (0-3) 93-69
Indy All-Stars (4-0) d. Dellagnese Construction (1-2) 92-71

Athletics Unlimited (2-2) d. Dellagnese Construction (1-3) 115-90
Bedford Auto Care (1-3) d. Tampa Stooges (2-2) 75-72 OT

Indy All-Stars d. Tampa Stooges 75-64

MVP: Randall Diggins, Indy All-Stars

All Tournament Team
James Adams, Indy All-Stars
David Ankrum, Athletics Unlimited
Dave Bastian, Tampa Stooges
Jerome Bridges, Indy All-Stars
Randall Diggins, Indy All-Stars
Brian Fuller, Tampa Stooges
Carl Jordan, Indy All-Stars
Mike Patton, Dellagnese Construction
Jim Sweeney, Tampa Stooges

Age Division: 60+

Brown Construction d. The Ward 84-37
Victory d. Bedford Auto Care 103-60
Total Package d. SportsPower International 69-61

Brown Construction (2-0) d. Total Package (1-1) 56-49
Bedford Auto Care (1-1) d. The Ward (0-2) 74-51
Victory (2-0) d. SportsPower International (0-2) 98-74

Total Package (2-1) d. The Ward (0-3) 80-32
Victory (3-0) d. Brown Construction (2-1) 84-62
Bedford Auto Care (2-1) d. SportsPower International (0-3) 78-75

Brown Construction d. Bedford Auto Care 71-62
Victory d. Total Package 109-65

Consolation Game
SportsPower International d. The Ward 114-60

Victory d. Bedford Auto Care 92-64

MVP: Julio Davila, Victory

All Tournament Team
Rubin Britt, SportsPower Int’l.
Julio Davila, Victory
Jerry GIlbert, Victory
Herm Harris, Victory
Joey Holland, Brown Construction
Stew Kops, Bedford Auto Care
Dan Miller, Total Package
Jeff Prosser, Brown Construction
George Rautins, Bedford Auto Care
Rick Walker, Total Package

Age Division: 65/70+

Oakland’s Finest d. East Bank Saloon 70-44
Team USA d. Golden Ward 81-50
Oakland’s Finest d. Clearwater Aces 63-41

Team USA (2-0) d. Clearwater Aces (0-2) 77-51
Golden Ward (1-1) d. East Bank Saloon (0-2) 64-59

Oakland’s Finest (3-0) d. Golden Ward (1-2) 88-45
Clearwater Aces (1-2) d. East Bank Saloon (0-3) 60-55
Team USA (3-0) d. Oakland’s Finest (3-1) 61-45

Team USA (4-0) d. East Bank Saloon 71-55 (0-4)
Clearwater Aces (2-2) d. Golden Ward 78-46 (1-3)

Age Division: 65+
Team USA d. Oakland’s Finest 67-59

Age Division: 70+
Clearwater Aces d. East Bank Saloon 65-42

65+ Division
MVP: Earl Dixon, Team USA

All Tournament Team
Doug Campbell, Oakland’s Finest
Tom Chestnut, Oakland’s Finest
Earl Dixon, Team USA
Larry Grose, Team USA
Mel Mocca, Team USA
Steve Raskind, Golden Ward
Tad Talton, Team USA
Stan White, Oakland’s Finest

70+ Division
MVP: Bobby Smith, Clearwater Aces

All Tournament Team
Kelly Baker, East Bank Saloon
Mike Campbell, Clearwater Aces
Harry Carothers, Clearwater Aces
David Kafoury, East Bank Saloon
Bobby Smith, Clearwater Aces
Karl Wustrack, East Bank Saloon

Age Division: 75+

American Eagles d. Vintage USA 49-48
Peach Tree Bank d. Windy City 79-33

Peach Tree Bank (2-0) d. Vintage USA (0-2) 56-51
American Eagles (2-0) d. Windy City (0-2) 54-31

Peach Tree Bank (3-0) d. American Eagles (2-1) 59-31
Vintage USA (1-2) d. Windy City (0-3) 71-31

Peach Tree Bank d. Windy City 67-50
Vintage USA d. American Eagles 61-29

Peach Tree Bank d. Vintage USA 57-37

MVP: Bill Carrigg, Peach Tree Bank

All Tournament Team
Alan Bobb, Peach Tree Bank
James Brown, American Eagles
Bill Carrigg, Peach Tree Bank
John Hunt, Windy City
Gary Kaylor, Vintage USA
Ron Linford, Vintage USA
Dehveed Nelson, Windy City
Al Richardson, American Eagle