Founder and Chairman's Message

Kevin McNamara

A message from Kevin McNamara – Founder of the Masters Basketball Association

I formed the Masters Basketball Association (MBA) in 2009 in response to an overwhelming demand from long time Team Organizers to continue to have a Tournament in South Florida.

I am very happy that we accomplished that goal and as we prepare for the fifteenth tournament under the supervision of the MBA, I continue to believe that Team Organizers have confidence in the ability of our Board and Senior Staff to deliver a tournament of exceptional quality.

Bill Watterson continues to do an outstanding job as Chairman of the Board. The Board and Senior Staff are hard at work on the 2024 tournament. As always, they are working to make certain they are providing the leadership necessary to continue to make the National Masters Championship the premier masters tournament in the United States.

I look forward to seeing you in the Coral Springs Gym in May of 2024.

Kevin J. McNamara

A message from Bill Watterson – Chairman of the MBA Board of Directors

As Board members, team organizers and participants we are grateful that Kevin McNamara stepped up in 2009 and personally assured the viability of the National Masters Championships through his financial support. And Kevin’s commitment to the tournament continues through 2024. We cannot thank him enough for his support of the game and tournament that we all love.

As tournament friend and former NBA standout Jim Barnett has said, “Tournament week is the best week of the year.”, a statement that I fully endorse.

All the Board members continue to be enthusiastic about the future of the tournament. We are continuing to work to achieve more participation and sponsorships in order to establish a firm financial foundation.

We are open to suggestions and would love to visit with you during tournament week regarding your ideas and concerns. Basketball has been a much larger part of my life than I could have ever dreamed as a 7-year-old when I first trailed my older brother to the gym. That I would go to Alaska to school more than 50 years ago and then become Chairman of this tournament in Coral Springs, FL is beyond a dream. The Board and Staff will work to assure that your experience at the tournament will be such that you are eager to return.

Bill Watterson