Team Entry for 2024 will open Dec. 1, 2023.

Welcome to the National Masters Championships for 2024. This will be the 40th year of the tournament in South Florida and the 16th operated by the Masters Basketball Association.

Just follow the steps outlined for a smooth Team Entry. As the Team Organizer, you are responsible for knowing the information that is contained in the MBA web site tab TEAM ORGANIZER HANDBOOK. Please pay particular attention to our Team Forfeit/Uniform Requirements, which are more stringent than other tournaments. The return of your Team Forfeit/Uniform Deposit depends on meeting these requirements.

We cannot overstress the importance of a strong bench for having success in this tournament. If you make of the finals, you will be playing five games in five days!

After receipt of your entry, a staff member will contact you to advise if your entry is complete or if more information is required. Once your entry is finalized, you will be notified of your entry number in the age division selected. NO ENTRY IS COMPLETE UNTIL THE ENTRY FEE AND THE TEAM FORFEIT/UNIFORM DEPOSIT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. THIS YEAR BOTH THE ENTRY FEE AND THE TEAM FORFEIT/UNIFORM DEPOSIT WILL HAVE TO BE PAID ONLINE. 

Please Note

If you are entry #5 in your division, there are special requirements that we will discuss with you prior to finalizing your entry.
If your team entry makes an odd number of teams in the division, entry #7, #9, #11, #13, your entry will be pending until such time that another team submits their entry to make an even number of team in the division. We do not have any odd number team divisions except for a 5-team division. We advise not booking any air travel until you are notified that another team has entered in the division.

Player Registration Fee

The Player Registration Fee for 2024 is $50. The Player Registration Fee is a separate fee from the Team Entry Fee. Individual players are responsible for this fee, which for 2024, will be set up to be paid online through the website. Players will still be required to check in at the registration office the week of the tournament before being allowed to play in any game.

Special Offer

The Player Registration Fee is waived for all players on teams that have a sponsor who purchases one of our MBA Sponsorship Packages that start at $600. Such a sponsorship not only waives the player registration fee for all players on the team but also will entitle the sponsor of the team to a full-page color ad (see specs below) in the Tournament Program.

Prepare your Sponsor ad as:
RGB, 300 dpi, PDF format, sized at 8.75 x 11.25 using JPG Quality Print.
Ads must be submitted no later than April 1, 2024, send to


EARLY TEAM ENTRY FEE ……………………………… $875

To enter your team

  • Review the entry fees
  • Review the uniform criteria
  • Complete the team roster information
  • Select a payment option

MBA Uniform Requirements

JERSEYS – Each team must have a light and dark jersey for each player with regulation basketball numbers FRONT and BACK A reversible jersey is acceptable. All jerseys must be of the same color and style.

SHORTS – Each team must wear shorts of the SAME COLOR and STYLE. For example, if you select red shorts with a white stripe, all players must have red shorts with a white stripe. Solid color shorts are recommended as the easiest to manage. Many teams are now coming with very nice uniforms with team and player names. However, this is not required.

For teams meeting the standard of meeting the uniform standards and playing in all scheduled games, the Team Forfeit/Uniform Deposit will be returned after the tournament.

Note: This year you will need pay the Team Forfeit/Uniform Deposit with your Team Entry Fee  on line through the website.

Team Information

  • Reminder to have your players register also

    Team Organizer

    Team Roster

    Complete roster information is REQUIRED (*) by the MBA for team entry. Each team is REQUIRED (*) to have a MINIMUM of 8 players listed and is allowed a MAXIMUM of 12 players. Entries with fewer than 8 players listed or with incomplete player information will be PENDED until all required information has been received. All non-required player information will still be needed for the MBA's program and player registration.

    Player 1 Information (Required)

    Player 2 Information (Required)

    Player 3 Information (Required)

    Player 4 Information (Required)

    Player 5 Information (Required)

    Player 6 Information (Required)

    Player 7 Information (Required)

    Player 8 Information (Required)

    Player 9 Information

    Player 10 Information

    Player 11 Information

    Player 12 Information

    I have read and understand the Team Organizer Handbook information on the MBA web site. *

    Note: Official MBA vendors will contact you with the details and to learn of your specific interest.

    You may print out your Team Entry Form for your convenience and then click as indicated below.