Players Registration Form

Player Registration for the 2024 tournament will be open Dec. 1, 2023.

    For players already listed on a team roster for the 2024 tournament

    Please fill out, at a minimum, all required (*) information on the form below along with the player registration payment of $50 to be able to submit your registration. Only have to pay player registration once ($50) even if you are playing on multiple teams.

    I have read and understand the Player Waiver (see link below) information on the MBA web site. By checking the box this will constitute your electronic signature to the waiver form. *

    Player Waiver

    I am sponsored (Only for teams that pay the $600 sponsor fee. Check with your Team Organizer if you are in doubt. You will not be considered registered until the player fee is paid by you or the sponsor).

    Please note: If you are not sponsored, you must pay the $50 player registration fee on the next page after submitting this form. Your registration is not considered complete until you make your payment.