The Game We Play

At the MBA National Masters Championships, we play a NCAA college game. This of course means that there are two 20-minute halves with a 30-second shot clock.

The Board and Staff believe that the college game is well suited for this tournament and experience has shown that it works as a good middle ground between a high school and pro-length game.

All the basic information about the tournament can be found by clicking Team Organizers Handbook under Enter Your Team section.

For those needing more information or with additional specific questions, please feel free to contact us. Contact information is found on the Contact Us tab on the Home Page.

We cannot over emphasize the very competitive nature of the tournament. You will be playing at a level you experienced if you played high school, college or professionally at a playoff level. This most definitely is not rec-league play!

The overwhelming majority of the players are in excellent condition, know the fundamentals of the game and come with experience levels that include everything from high school to the professional ranks.

Teams reaching either the Championship or Consolation Finals, will be playing five games in five days.

We strongly urge you to bring ten players. Eight is the minimum requirement with twelve as the cap.

Experience shows that teams reaching the semi finals and finals have depth on their bench.

Be prepared for a great basketball experience!