It’s hard to believe that it’s already mid- February and we are less than 90 days out from our May Madness. We’re rolling along with team registrations in all divisions and I’m continuing to receive a steady stream of contact from players looking to join teams.

I’d like to share a story with you about a person who for the past few years was among the players contacting us to join a team. Joe Pantaleo had been among the couple dozen players who were listed on the Free Agent website page the past two years. Unfortunately, he never got the call to join a team. Joe was determined to play in our event so this year he decided to become a Team Organizer. I recently received the entry for his team,The Red Birds, in the 55+ division. His team looks like it should be very competitive in this division. Among the players on his roster is a high- profile Division 1 head coach. The team name may give you a hint who this player is. You may have also been watching a game on ESPN earlier this month when the announcers talked about him playing in our tournament this May.

Individuals who step up to be Team Organizers are invaluable to our tournament. I want to thank those Team Organizers who continue to bring teams to our event and I want to encourage those of you who are “Free Agents” and those who have played in the past, to consider becoming Team Organizers. Even if you can only pull together 3 to 5 players, I may be able to help fill in the roster from all the people I speak with weekly. Being a team organizer is not only a way to guarantee that you’ll have a team to play on, but it’s also a chance for you to call on players you may have had on your high school and college teams. You never know who will say yes to being on your team until you ask – if you don’t believe me, ask Joe!

I look forward to seeing you in May … and for those of you playing this year, we hope you’ve made your reservations at one of our Preferred Hotels!

Steve Nelson
Tournament Director

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